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Format & Rules of Game Play

HEADING IS ALLOWED AT U11 AND U12 per US Youth Soccer Policy 4/23/22


The FIFA “Laws of the Game” will apply to all competitions sponsored by the League, except the Modified 9U/10U modifications listed below.  In addition substitutions will be allowed at all stoppage of play, at the center ref’s discretion.

Modified Game Play Rules U9-U10:

  • A goal kick or goalkeeper throw-in will require the opponents to retreat to beyond the build out line until the ball is in play. The build out line is the field center line. The ball is in play when it is kicked directly out of the penalty area. The attacking team does not have to wait for the opponent’s defenders to retreat and has the option to restart the game before should they choose.
  • No goalkeeper punts will be allowed. The goalkeeper must distribute the ball to a player in the defensive half of the field. A violation will result in an indirect free kick from the top of the penalty box nearest the foul.
  • There will be no heading allowed. A violation will result in an indirect free kick from the point of the heading unless the heading is done in the goal box in which case the ball is placed at the closest part of the goal box line that is parallel to the end line.
Formats of Game Play
Age GroupFormatRoster SizeGame LengthBall SizeField Variations
17U/18U/19U11 v 11222 – 45 min halves#5Length – 100-120 yards
Width – 50-80 yards
15U/16U11 v 11222 – 40 min halves#5Length – 100-120 yards
Width – 50-80 yards
13U/14U11 v 11222 – 35 min halves#5Length – 100-120 yards
Width – 50-80 yards
11U/12U9 v 9182 – 30 min halves#4Length – 70-80 yards
Width – 40-50 yards
9U/10U7 v 7142 – 25 min halves#4Length – 55-70 yards
Width – 35-45 yards


Recommended Goal Sizes
As consistent with US Soccer Federation’s Player Development Initiatives:

  • 13U and above will use standard full size goals (Height – 8ft by Width – 24ft)
  • 9U-12Uwill be recommended to use Height – 6.5ft by W18.5 ft ( recommended for 9U/10U), with the maximum size goal to use for those specific age groups should be 7ft by 21ft (recommended for 11U/12U)

Field Size Specifications

9U/10U – Width – 35-45yds  /  Length – 55-75yds

11U/12U – Width – 45-55yds / Length – 70-80 yds

13U-19U – Width – 60-80 yds / Length – 95-120 yds